This Is Big Boy

As with so many things, you have to hear the story in order to understand the reference. Once upon a time, Steve’s very good friend, Rich, joined us for a little wine and appetizer plate. Upon getting ahold of a particularly strong tasting piece of cheese, he remarked plainly, “whoa, that’s big boy cheese.” His off the cuff observation stuck. From that moment on, whenever something we encountered was big or bold or overwhelming, it was referred to as being “big boy.” Interestingly, it has become the perfect way to describe some of our past adventures as well as some our upcoming adventures.

The popular saying, “shit’s about to get real,” too, has never been as accurate as it is right now for Steve and me. Yeah, traveling is our passion. We sniff out a few days off every other month or so and plan a little (or big!) getaway. We’ve been to lots of rad places, and more often than not, we DIY it. Leaving the tourist groups behind is usually a priority for us when we travel. Now it’s 2018, and some pretty neat things are being planned in our “situation room.” We’re taking DIY to a whole new level! To big boy level, you could say.

Come with us! Check back periodically to read about what the heck we’re doing – and where. From hiking poles to motorcycle boots, from the cold mud of the Pacific Northwest to dazzling Antarctic ice (and literally everything in between), this will be the year that changes everything.IMG_6395


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